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  • Injection moldings for mass production
  • Injection moldings for mass production
Injection moldings for mass productionInjection moldings for mass production

haikexun build in 2008,so far,it is more than 10 years.

is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of consumer electronics PCBA,injection molds,plastic parts ... OEM & ODM...one-stop service company!

company has a powerful design team;There are Five engineers with 20 years of working experience.From an idea to finished products,include assembly ,we can help !

We also can develop and write MCU independently; ensure provide PCBA to customer with the quick delivery time and  low price !No middle man!

From design to complete products,we can help you !

Manufactured before :smart speaker,wireless charger,power bank,small lamp,USB flash Drive..

Contact us !Let us become a long-term partner To achieve win-win!

Injection molding used for molded parts mass production


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Phone: Phone/Wechat:fen13534035013


Add:1 floor of NO.10 building and 8 floor of No.11 building at Huafeng industrial park ,fengtang avenue, fuyong town, baoan district, shenzhen City

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