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Infrared thermometerInfrared thermometerInfrared thermometerInfrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer

  • brand:HYS319
  • color:white
  • tolerance :+-0.1 (max +-0.1)
  • medical use
  • Product description:infrared thermometer

So far,for ir thermometers we have 3 ways to collaborate !!

1.Wholesale/OEM infrared thermometers

(high quality ,regular production)(CE,FCC,KC,FDA)

2.wholesale/OEM ir thermometer enclosures (MOQ:10k)

3.wholesale  ir thermometer SKD(Semi-Knock Down )(not include sensor,battery ,packing ) (MOQ:10k)

welcome to contact us !(fen:13534035013)

HYS 319 ir thermometers will be test 100% ; and make sure it is good quality ,then can be packing for sale ;

not all facotries have ir thermometers  production qualification,but we have!they is why some customer say ,they buy some big tolerance thermometers...cus ,those from some small company(without ir thermometers Production qualification ); Those bad products, Is unqualified,will be detaine in the customs when delivery !

right now,our tolerance can be controled at +-0.1; in fact,controled in +-0.2;that is the standard!

need high quality ir thermometers?need to find factory directly?welcome to contact us !

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