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  • mat surface Calculator molds/parts manufacture  - 副本
mat surface Calculator molds/parts manufacture  - 副本

mat surface Calculator molds/parts manufacture - 副本

  • MOQ :1000pcs
  • surface :mat
  • surface treatment:no
  • material :ABS
  • Product description:product design ;molds design

name Calculator shell
customized yes
mold  surface treatment mat
cover surface treatment no

Injection department http://www.china-hkx.com/photo/produce-molded-parts.html
haikexun build in 2008,so far,it is more than 10 years.

is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of consumer electronics PCBA,injection molds,plastic parts ... OEM & ODM...one-stop service company!

company has a powerful design team;There are Five engineers with 20 years of working experience.From an idea to finished products,include assembly ,we can help !

We also can develop and write MCU independently; ensure provide PCBA to customer with the quick delivery time and  low price !No middle man!

A good company help you save time and save money!

Contact us !Let us become a long-term partner To achieve win-win!

Haikexun service

1.new products appearance/structure design #molds design

2.PCBA design and development &manufacture&MCU program writing

3.manufacturing :prototypes#rubber mold#injection molds#molded parts#PCBA

4.laser cutting&bending processing for plastic boards.

5.oil painting&logo print&pat print&products assembly..

produced /assmelbyproducts: MP3,MP4,LED lamp,PC-CAM,Speacker,Point reading pen,Early education machine

,Story machine,

Multifunction charger,wireless charger,Flash Drive

Injection molding department

Injection department

Quality testing equipment

Some produced molded parts (include manufacture molding )

Common different processing techniques for injection molding parts


Thanks for your time!welcome to send us an inquiry!

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